Who We Are

BizGives is a team of dedicated and compassionate individuals with hands on experience in both the non profit organization and business sectors. Our team is passionate about helping your business achieve its corporate philanthropic goals. We are dedicated to helping you find the non profit organizations or individual’s projects that are in perfect alignment with your values and goals.

Kristen Seeley, Founder

I’ve always had a strong desire to help those around me, in all walks of life. I went on my first mission trip to Ocotillo, Honduras in 2008, at the age of sixteen. Hurricane Mitch devastated this beautiful country which opened my eyes to an unimaginable catastrophe affecting both humans and animals. The feeling prompted a lifelong goal to help change the world, which I thought was in the form of missions and saving enough money to one day open an orphanage.

As I grew older, my love for helping people only grew stronger and when Katrina hit in 2005, I knew it was time to help again. Upon graduation from Tiffin University, I stopped interviewing in corporate America and moved to New Orleans where I lived for 6 months with no electricity. I was an Office Manager for a non profit called Building Better Communities for two years where we helped thousands of families move back into their homes.

After my time in New Orleans, I saw an opportunity to help elsewhere and moved to South Florida to run a tutoring company for struggling youth. Over the next six years, I managed 200 teachers and 550 low-income students which taught me to provide a different kind of service. A service to instill confidence and hope in our future leaders of tomorrow.

I also worked closely with children battling cancer and their families in Tampa, FL. I had the opportunity to work with business partners within the community whose objectives aligned with the non profit organization and sponsored many of their events.

My volunteer and travel experience to twenty-three countries and counting, has not only strengthened my desire to help those in need but to streamline and identify charities and individuals on a larger scale. I knew there was an opportunity to help businesses, charities and individuals unite. I wanted to make a global change and give non profit organizations and individuals in need the opportunity to receive funds via an online platform with zero fees.

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Kristen Seeley Founder of BizGives