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Earth Fest Los Angeles: Join together for a greener tomorrow.

EarthFest LA is a public project by California Greenworks Inc., a day-long festival of music and attractions dedicated to a message of environmental responsibility and urban renewal. Through projects like EarthFest LA, California Greenworks is working to promote awareness and action on issues related to climate change and environmental justice.

California Greenworks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded by Mike Meador, who wanted to improve the quality of urban communities and create opportunities for youth to learn about the environment. Toward that end, California Greenworks is working to transform Los Angeles’s urban heat islands and vacant lots into lush gardens, green parkways, and pocket park spaces. Through EarthFest LA, California Greenworks brings together business and non- profit interests for a family-friendly day of entertainment and information. Other successful projects by California Greenworks include restoration of waterways, elementary school environmental protection outreach, and creating a community-based program that raises awareness of watershed conservation. EarthFest LA is the centerpiece of the California Greenworks mission to build a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for everyone by greening community’s one neighborhood at a time.