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Support Bulldog Safety

It’s hard to replicate the adrenaline and excitement kids feel when they strap on their helmet and step onto the football field. We witness courage and determination in every game and player safety is paramount.

The precautions we take are significant. Every coach reviews and is recertified on safe tackling techniques and concussion protocols every year. The first week of every season starts without pads to teach proper tackling techniques and proper tackling drills are conducted at each practice throughout the season.

In an effort to further improve player safety, this year we have upgraded all of our helmets to the highest rated youth helmet, Riddell’s SpeedFlex. This is a significant expense to our program but worth every dollar. These helmets can be used for years though regular reconditioning and recertification.

Whether your son is currently in the youth program or you wait to watch them under the Friday night lights, help us keep program costs down.

Thank you and GO DAWGS!
RFH Youth Coaches