For Businesses

Choosing a Non Profit or Individual to Sponsor

Our mission is to help businesses find a non profit organization that advances their long and short term goals and objectives. Corporate Social Responsibility is an important initiative where a business assesses and takes responsibility for their effects on environmental and social wellbeing.

BizGives helps businesses by matching them with non-profit organizations that are specific to their industry which allows businesses to connect with current and potential customers. Donations made to support the arts, environment, education, human services, public benefit and so forth will help foster community involvement and bring great awareness to an organization. Partnering with the perfect non-profit organization will get a company’s name in front of their target market. Businesses can also choose to donate to an individual’s cause page to help them reach their fundraising goal to help with a surgery, catastrophic life event or new business venture. 


We understand that tax deductions are an important part of corporate philanthropy. Because of this, BizGives has strict authenticity requirements in place. 501c3s, or IRS approved NPOs, are required to display their authentic identities when using BizGives. This helps ensure that donors understand who is collecting the money. BizGives helps communicate account authenticity while protecting both donor and the 501c3 information by leveraging the IRS, Charity Navigator or GuideStar accounts.

NPO accounts that fail to meet the above requirements, or attempt to use accounts that don’t appear to be authentic (ie. not listed on the IRS, Charity Navigator or GuideStar websites) will display a notification message to donors stating that the account has not been BizGives Verified. Individuals may also set up fundraising pages but it is the donor’s responsibility to determine their deductions with a certificated public accountant. 

Business Reviews

As a business or foundation account holder, you have the ability to rate NPOs based upon the sponsorship opportunity funded. There is a 5 star rating which encompasses the execution of the cause listed, communication, timeline in which the sponsored event or cause was completed and overall experience with the NPO. This gives non-IRS approved NPOs (like charities from countries around the world) the opportunity to receive funding for their causes.

Press Releases

As a business or foundation account holder, you will have the ability to share a press release for the project you’re supporting every time you make a donation. We want to help raise awareness for the good you are doing in your community and beyond by letting thousands of people know about your sponsorship. You will also receive a Facebook post via the BizGives page, along with a link to your press release that can be found on the Press page.