BizGives 501c3s and individual fundraisers receive all payments through their own verified Stripe payment processing accounts. All transactions initiated through the BizGives site are securely encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. A small security indicator, usually a lock icon or green bar, will appear in the web browser you’re using to verify the security of the transaction.


As of June 2017- BizGives charges 0% & only 2.2-2.9% credit card fee for nonprofits via Stripe

Rules and Safety

Attempting to bypass the prescribed donation method (ie, posting direct links to alternative payment methods) is strictly prohibited by BizGives and will result in account termination.

At no time will BizGives request or store sensitive data such as users’ banking information or passwords to payment accounts. Users will securely provide such information only within, and when prompted by their Stripe account.

Please beware of, and immediately report any solicitations made through your BizGives page using the ‘Contact’ feature. BizGives will never request secure information. Do not provide your personal contact information, such as phone number, to anyone that requests it. Ask questions and have a conversation over email if need be. Additionally, exercise caution if you receive offers from 3rd-party fundraising companies or individuals offering personal assistance.

NEVER arrange to personally meet anyone who contacts you through your BizGives page. All transactions and reviews between sponsoring donors and NPOs should be made online.