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Landon Outreach Foundation is passionately committed to assisting individuals and families in need.

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Project Description

Landon Outreach Foundation is passionately committed to assisting individuals and families in need through financial assistance, community service and food distribution. Hurricane Harvey has left thousands of people in need throughout Texas and with your help, we can immediately assist them through this devastating time.

Emergency dispatchers were overwhelmed, and some residents began pleading for help on social media. Many people shared an image of nursing home residents sitting in waist-high waters before they were rescued. Clifford Krauss, a Times reporter who lives in Houston, filed a dispatch from his own flooded home.

Homeless Houstonians endured a night of terror as Harvey pounded the city from Saturday into Sunday. All across the state, dramatic rescues unfolded. Many people went to great lengths to take their pets with them to safety.

In parts of Texas where the worst had passed, residents tried to assess the damage.

Now is your chance to help those in need. Donate to any of the projects listed and 100% of the net proceeds will go to victims from Hurricane Harvey. 

What set Harvey apart was its rain. The downpour has been torrential and unceasing. Once the storm made landfall, it essentially stalled. Roads in Houston and elsewhere were turned into raging rivers. By the time the storm ends, some areas may see more than 50 inches of rain, forecasters said.

Houston opened its convention center as a mass shelter, and Dallas planned to do the same. Tens of thousands of people spent the weekend in shelters. In San Antonio, some of them talked to a Times reporter about their fears for what awaited them back home.

In comments on our storm coverage, Times readers shared their shock, sympathy and encouragement for those awaiting rescue.

*Source: NYTimes

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